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Splunk Inc. is an American public multinational corporation based in San Francisco, California, that produces software for searching, monitoring, and analyzing machine-generated big data via a Web-style interface.Splunk (the product) captures, indexes, and correlates real-time data in a searchable repository from which it can generate graphs, reports, alerts, dashboards, and visualizations.

A user mentioned, "Splunk is very expensive. Difficult to implement until all moving parts are understood. Steep learning curve for beginners."


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Current Employee - Sale Engineering says

"Deal Size and Linearity- Keep pushing for multi Million deal, without giving clear direction and keep changing the way Sale team can credit. Basically this is pushing the experienced splunker to leave, and for new join, won't survive for 6 months. Before you ramp up, you are fired as you cannot meet linearity. Useless Selling Process - Prospect need a solution but not a bunch of selling talk, BVC, DSA, IVA are all business talk while they are needed, you can't push the prospect to buy another 1TB just because of BVC, DSA result. Prospect won't enjoy these kind of conversation and pushing the sale team to do this is meaningless. Endless Learning - This can be good or bad, for instance, you need to learn security operation including firewall, WAF, sysmon, IDS/IPS, OS event log...only for you to sell SIEM and all a sudden you need to speak different language of LTM, JVM, transaction logging for IT/App Monitoring, if you are lucky enough then you also need to talk about IoT, BA, ML...and please you need to understand a bunch of SPL to show the real value of Splunk. Is that a bit too much for a single SE to handle to build 100GB deal and then management bark at you on why you spend time on such a small deal and where is the M deal? what can you say.. Toxic Management - Everyone is just playing political stuff and not care about how to really make "Customer Success", what a joke when we said "Customer Success" is our top initiative...end up is, no big deal no talk. Terrible CRO - All are numbers, where is CEO? seems just like few years ago in SKO, "We are all working for her"..lol"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Bad management Management is a revolving door at Splunk. Their entire C suite has left/fired in last several months - CIO, CISO, Chief Finance Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Digital Officer, Chief Product Officer, Chief Humar Resource Officer Lot of VPs, Senior Directors, Directors left recently, were let go or pushed out by the new management with no fault of their own. Lot of Nepotism. All the senior management were pushed out voluntarily or involuntarily so that new senior management can bring their own. I have never seen so much churn at management level in my entire career, especially when the company is doing so well. If you're in management position, keep in mind that this is a revolving door and keep your backup plan ready. I've heard many Directors/Sr Directors were getting bullied until they left. And they laid off others who sticked around ignoring all the bullied behavior. You wouldn't stick around long at this company the way CEO and Senior Management operates."

Former Employee - Regional Sales Director says

"Splunk culture consists of alcohol, narcism and cronyism."

Current Employee - Sales says

"This company has no direction, no strategy. Only one target: access the club of 5 billion dollar company, whatever the cost can be ! Splunk had a focus on security a few years ago, then it was IT OPS, and now it's... data to everything !!! (not sure what it means exactly, but it seems that the developers neither when we see the products quality) Everything is decided by one woman and only her. Other managers (including VP) have almost no autonomy, and have to accept her choice, even if she has no idea about whats going on EMEA (or she don't care). And now all the management team has the same spirit: it's only about politics, doing forecast, putting pressure, but no support, no guidance. Local VP are fired after short periods, some sales are promoted even if they've achieved nothing, some managers are hired even if they're known to treat people badly, targets are achieved by a minority only, some sales are fired because they complain about the lack of support to reach their targets, a director once puts his both hands on a sales woman without anybody saying anything. That's the real Splunk spirit ! Splunk is just a big company with no consideration for people, and insane management."

Former Employee - SDR says

"Targeting/politics in the SDR-ISR Department, one particular leader decides who they like and with the assistance of VPs and HR they target individuals out of the business. The high growth has caused a lot of disorganization making it impossible to complete tasks/processes, daily complications."

Former Employee - Sales says

"bad management who you know, now what you know open racism against al minorities"

Current Employee - Security Engineer says

"Product security team at splunk is under QA and security engineers are compared with QA engineers for everything. The leader is also coming from QA background and wants to run security team like a QA team. Lot of internal politics and backstabbing by seniors, they tell one thing to juniors on their face and the other thing to the management last few months the team is breaking apart after the previous security leader departure and lot of territorial disputes junior managers are too nice on your face and nasty behind your back which creates highly political team environment"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Certain leaders who came from subpar tech companies like Computer Associates, yahoo are super egomaniacs, non-technical, toxic, backstabbers who actively pursue political agendas to build their own empires and milk the company at any cost. If you come from outside their network, you're at mercy of their whim. Needless to say HR does what these leaders want them to do. You really need to become "yes boos" to them to survive. Focus on delivering results and impact is not valued. There is a lot of backstabbing and undermining all the time if you're in a leadership role. Politics is rampant. At leadership levels, it's a revolving door. For example, these are all the leaders either let go or left due to politics in past 6-9 months and counting - CIO, CISO, CHRO, CDO, CMO, VP Engineering, Senior Director QA, Senior Director Sustaining Engineering, Senior Director Cloud Security, Senior Director Engineering - Enterprise Security, Director Compliance, Senior Manager Compliance, Director Infrastructure, Senior Director of Engineering & Sustaining. There are many more in the process. New management and HR wants to keep removing 10% staff every year and many employees who are not in the inner circle of certain leaders get on the list inspite of solid performance. There is no "meritocracy" at all. Blatant favoritism is rampant. If you're certain gender, you'll get unfair advantage. There are some leaders who are thriving on "manage by fear" attitude. Stay away from QA, Security, Infrastructure and Performance teams. Some pockets of Software Development teams are good though. Really hit or miss depending on the team and the leader. Finance is also another team to stay away from. If you're in a leadership role, stay away. If you're in IC role, it's really hit or miss."

Sales says

"Splunk has the most cliquey gossipy and immature culture I have ever seen in my career. If you are not in the “in” crowd, you will be forgotten about. Leadership only cares about the frat bros and good looking girls. For sales reps, it is so painfully micromanaged, leading to day in and day our anxiety and under appreciation. They use a software to stalk all of your activity....ALL of it. I used to feel like a person here, now I’m a data point, a forecast number, and nothing more. Despite three years of service, if I left tomorrow, there would be no mention of it and there would be someone new in my seat the next day. Don’t let the “Great Places to Work” articles fool you, the aesthetic perks like free food and the game rooms that no one even uses are what regularly land them in those ranks. Work morale is painfully low here. Do yourself a favor, and stop chasing the big name companies like splunk and find a place that will appreciate you and treat you like a human. No salary is worth your misery, ever."

Current Employee - Developer says

"horrible company. dont work here"

Kinney Group Engineer Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The job is very stressful you don't get a good compensation for the time that you invest on the job since a lot of time you have to take the work home to finish and don't get paid for that time. Taking into consideration that you get paid hourly and you only get paid for 8 hours a dayvery stressful"

Technical Writer (Former Employee) says

"Management is young, inexperienced, and untrained. Massive growth in a short time frame led to many technical employees promoted without the correct skills to manage. Company is therefore led by a contracted third party company (also young and clueless) that is only interested in keeping their contract. Management is not interested in solutions. Lack of experience results in extreme insecurity among management. They hired and fired four veteran contractors (for a long-term contract) within a month. This is not a place anyone, particularly a seasoned contractor, should be.Video games, ping pong table. Never saw them used once. Free snacks.Video games and ping pong table are window dressing to convince employees of a relaxed environment, but it is a pretense. It is not collaborative or welcoming."

NOC Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Good learning experience. Product is doing very well. Co-workers are great to work with. Though morale at my department is one of the lowest I have experienced. No job security very high turnover."

Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"No comment not worth my time talking about a company that is not racially diverse .. down with Splunk and all the greedy executives who sell stock keeping it low"

Design Team Member (Former Employee) says

"A tech company that resists growing up. Why should they? So far Splunk's making money hand over fist. Commitment to employees and breakthrough thinking is deeply lacking. Very little is thought through by executives or managers. Sales and marketing are paramount; engineers hold much product development power. Diversity is strongly promoted but not fully supported beyond display to the world. Quite a disappointment. Many hang on for the big paychecks and bonuses."

Senior Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"Good company- Good product, 80% of job is forecasting and explaining where deals are. Very stressful QTR ends in that regard. Very little thought put into territory assignment and account coverage. An average seller could be making 400K while a star seller could struggle based on accounts assigned. If that gets fixed and they survive competitive landscape before they get acquired. not a bad place.good technologyaggressive culture"

Senior Professional Services Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Great Company to work for, They have great products, leading the industry. Benefits are comparable to other California based companies. Travel is high for the position, but that is Professional Services life."

Enterprise Sales (Former Employee) says

"Great product. This company is growing so fast. Co-workers where great to work with and had a lot of fun with them."

Field Services Group (Current Employee) says

"While it is pretty impressive at HQ, remote employees (and there are a lot of them) tend to be forgotten. Management at Splunk is hit and miss as well. There is a lot of "previous company nepotism" for incoming managers. Many of the organizations have large swaths of people that have worked together at previous companies. While that's ok for easy relationship building, it also builds a clique that is difficult to work yourself into, especially if the team is spread out nationally or globally. As is normal with most companies, growth is Splunk's main focus. However, recently, that growth initiative has been met with releasing products that aren't ready, and forsaking many small customers for that BIG WIN. Like I said, this is common, but still something that is difficult to work in."

Sales Engineer (Former Employee) says

"met with customers to provide security and information technology solutions to meet the needs of higher education and state and local organizations."

Sales Operations - Sales Reporting Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Being part of a corporate software organisation in London, I was responsible for the global reporting and analysis of the company’s overall key performance indicators. Creating and developing strategic insight into products and IT operations by collating and summarising sales data into cumulative reports that highlighted the company’s productivity, profitability and competitiveness on a worldwide managerial and executive platform. My knowledge and expertise of the IT industry is where I thrive in enthusiasm, due to the fast paced development and advantages that IT has in an organisations daily operational functions and the customer satisfaction that it adheres by."

Facilities Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"This was one of my favorite jobs that I ever got. Being said I worked as hard as I possibly could, knocking all tasks out of the park. I was promoted quickly but just as quickly I was fired. So far they have given no reason whatsoever. I believe there are a lot of office politics of which I never took part in.Free lunches and breakfastbad management who unsuccessful at managing large scale projects"

rupesh patil says

"Edureka forcefully asked me to write a good review on this portal so that I can get doubt clearing sessions without any trouble. I see that. In fact Edureka is similar to Indian politics and makes fake promises they are pure A ss holes .son of a b itches. Their sales representative calls like a prostitutes for sales of a day and night and when some problem occurs they run out like b itches. and Their teaching is the same like finding logic in porn films. Guys please never ever buy any of their courses mistakenly also not."

Michael says

"One of the most horrible and unprofessional sites ever. I only once was on their site to see which courses they offer. To see the curriculum I had to provide my contact data but never agreed to be contacted. Soon after I was contacted via phone and WhatsApp. I told them to leave me alone and to delete my account and personal information, but I only received laughter and jokes and I receive emails up to the current day. They ignore all wishes to stop contacting you, they are disrespectful and ignore law."

K Krishna says

"I have registered for python and Django 6 months back but to date, no one gave any kind of technical support nor they tried to reply to my ticket. I wonder that will anyone go through the tickets?."

Amish Mittal says

"I am doing PG in Data Science from Edureka. From last month they have change their system without informing us and now we are complaining for last 1 month but no one is responding, they are just quickly finishing the course despite o[censored]s telling go slow or we need a break to complete test and assignment. We have official telegram group and our manager are their in group but they are not responding to our queries. What they promised during start of course, they are not all providing to us. I'm fed for chasing everywhere, tried raising ticket, forwaded my concerns on whatsapp, waited more than 30 mins on customer care. drop a mail to management team but this cheaters are not all responding properly."

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